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Fitness Mythology!

There’s so much health and fitness nonsense circulating that only a dedicated health and fitness professional can decipher fact from fiction.
What the majority of people do, including personal trainers, is subscribe to what’s been done in the past, or what’s currently being done now, without taking the time to investigate the origin of the approach or the validity of the message.


Supplements are good for you, right? Myth! Vegetables and Fruits are good for you!

Stretching increases flexibility, right? Myth! Resistance Training increases flexibility!

Low intensity exercise burns more fat than high intensity exercise, right? Myth! Exercise burns calories, so go burn some!

Physical activity in the morning burns more calories and is the best time to exercise, right? Nonsense, the best time to exercise is based on your needs and convenience of schedule.

Extra protein is required to build muscle, right? Myth! We already consume more than we need, just go exercise!

Expensive running shoes prevent injuries, right? Myth! There’s no correlation with expensive running shoes and prevention of injuries. In fact, specific running shoes that correct a particular foot strike (i.e. over pronation) cause the most injuries.

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