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StrengthLab Personal Training

Text/CALL 480-612-7726 

Degree in Exercise Physiology

Masters in Exercise and Wellness

Experienced Personal Training – 30 years

Specializing in One-On-One Weight Training

Specializing in Clients Over 40

Positive Psychology and Talk Therapy

Specializing in Weight Training for Women

Specializing in Weight Training for Endurance Athletes 

30 Years as Endurance Athlete and Trainer

Over 20 Years Same Private Location

The vast majority of personal trainers are simply not qualified to train their clients. They lack any real depth of health and fitness knowledge and their personal experience with health and fitness is superficial at best. Merely being familiar with the subject of fitness and exercise equipment does not make one an expert. Furthermore, a confident personal trainer does not necessarily make a competent personal trainer or a good instructor. Most personal trainers can hardly call themselves educated, experienced, positive role models and that’s exactly what you want when hiring one.

The personal training industry is virtually swimming in certifications; whereas some certifying programs demand a broad-based understanding of human anatomy and physiology, others require much less from their participants, usually just a few of their dollars and a few moments of their time. There’s no standardized testing within the industry, applicants often can get away with taking either a weekend course or even just an online exam before calling themselves personal trainers and many will frequently even skip this rudimentary step before doing so. The letters “CPT” merely mean certified personal trainer… certified by whom?

Are you over 40? You may want to consider not working with a younger personal trainer in their 20’s or 30’s. They have no idea what physical limitations await them in the near future when they grow older, but you certainly do. Find the right fitness program for you; not the most popular fitness program.

On any given week I have 25-35 long-term clients scheduled for a training session (the vast majority visit 1-3 times per week). I am very well read and stay up to date on the science and research of this industry; I read well below the surface of mainstream media and don’t pay any attention to advertising or gossip. What most people consider current, is old, what most people consider accurate, is wrong, and what is currently popular, is only that, popular, big deal, an evidenced based approach is the key to fitness, health, longevity and weight-loss.

Home Based Private Personal Training Studio:

Personal Training Sessions (30 mins):

One Training Session $65

10 Personal Training Sessions $600

20 Personal Training Sessions $1000

Call 480-612-7726

  • One-On-One Personal Training
  • Nutrition and Weight-loss Programs
  • Programming for Mature Adults (40 years old and above)
  • Programming for Athletes (All Levels)
  • Weight Training (Learn the Basics)
  • Weight Training (High Intensity – Advanced)
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Crossfit/Hybrid Training
  • Functional Training
  • In Your Home Personal Training
  • Study of Positive Psychology and “Well Being”
  • Exercise Management of Chronic Disease
  • Striking Workouts (Heavy Bag, Focus Mitts & Thai Pads)
  • Krav Maga / Self Defense Strategies
  • Custom Endurance Programs
  • Continued Physical Therapy
  • Home Gym Equipment and Design Consultation
  • Sport Psychology and Mental Mindset


-53 years old and Married 27 years with a daughter

-Degree in Exercise Physiology

-Masters in Exercise and Wellness

-American College of Sports Medicine Certification (ACSM)

-Certified Health Fitness Instructor (HFI)

-Certified in Weight Loss and Whole Food Nutrition

-30 years as a Professional Full-Time Personal Trainer

-Previous Fitness Director at Park One Health Club

-Previous General Manager at The Fitness Institute & Clinic

-Previous Fitness Director at KNIX Radio Station

-Previous Sports Camp Director for the YMCA

-Featured on KFYI’s radio show “Fitness Talk”

-Featured on Channel 15 News as their “Fitness Expert”

-Participated competitively in hundreds of 5Ks, 10Ks and 1/2 Marathons

-Participated in the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race

-Participated in dozens of Marathons including the Boston Marathon

-Participated in Ultra Marathon Running Events (over 26.2 miles)

-Participated in Mountain Bike Races (Single Track, 24 Hour & 12 Hour Events)

-Participated in the Half IRONMAN and Full IRONMAN Triathlons

-Participated in “Open Water” Swimming Events

-Participated in Muay Thai, Boxing and Krav Maga

-Better Business Bureau Rating is A+

-YELP Reviews 5 Stars

-Google Reviews 5 Stars

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