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Type II Diabetes and Resistance Training!

It’s commonly acknowledged that TYPE 2 DIABETES is caused by being overweight; therefore, losing weight is commonly recommended as a counter measure.

However, losing weight is frequently not enough because of the natural loss of muscle mass due to the aging process, years of deconditioning and/or calorie restricted diets; our glucose is stored primarily in our skeletal muscles as glycogen, without enough muscle mass high blood sugar becomes a problem due to a lack of storage space.

Resistance Training is the over-looked medication required to REVERSE this condition, not another prescription.

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Unitasking! Not Multitasking.

Habitual multitasking can make us mentally, spiritually and physically sick, while UNITASKING naturally increases our overall wellness and well-being. Focusing on one important task at a time, increases our performance, motivation and accuracy, while making us a calmer human being.

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Consistency is Key!

Intelligent resistance training programs use duration and intensity levels to achieve life-long consistency.

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Nutrition Matters!

The relationship between food and our health is far more important than fitness.

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