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Personal Trainer Turnover!

Excited to get started with a “new” personal trainer?

How about building a long-term, on-going relationship with your “new” personal trainer?

Be careful here…

The personal-training industry has high rates of employee turnover, meaning that your newly found personal trainer is likely to be gone in the near future. One, because the definition of personal trainer is so loosely defined in the fitness industry today, setting a very low standard and two, because this position is frequently filled by those who are waiting for something better to come along with no real intention or capacity to be a professional.

Look for certifications from ACSM or NSCA, a degree in health and fitness and on-going participation in sports and athletics.

Your personal trainer should know how to stay motivated, year after year, as well as injury free.

If they can’t do that for themselves how are they going to do that for you?

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