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Skirt Chaser 5k Tempe

See you there!


Skirt Sports, leader in the running skirt world, believes fitness should be fun. With the Skirt Chaser 5k Race Series, we’re putting a new spin on a running classic by mixing racing, flirting and entertainment in an innovative social fitness event. Women get a three minute head start and invite the men to “Catch Us If You Can.”

The Race
The event kicks off with the race itself. Just over 3 miles of anticipation of being caught (for the gals) and the thrill of trying to catch (for the guys). The first person to cross the line, male or female, takes home $500! We call it the Battle of the Sexes – and so far the women are kicking butt!

The Block Party
The Block Party features music, games and a happy hour atmosphere with food and drinks. And you won’t want to miss our fashion show – it features the latest Skirt Sports products and is emceed by the one and only, Nicole DeBoom! Awards will follow.

Most people don’t know that when Nicole DeBoom, founder and CEO of Skirt Sports, had the revolutionary idea for the first-ever running skirt, she also dreamt of creating a race series with the same message. Look good, feel good, perform better. While the first “Convert to Skirt 5k” was a huge success, it was women only. As Nicole watched the women finishing she immediately knew she had to get the guys in the mix in a unique way. Thus, the Skirt Chaser 5k Race Series was born.

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