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Be a Doctor to Yourself!

What you believe, what you value and what you seek in life is where the answer (Health) or problem (Disease) lies!

Question your believes! Are they rational, are they accurate or simply handed down from somewhere else? Are they a fairytale, a fantasy? Do they make you healthier or sicker? Are your personal believes random with no coherence or consistency? Should you learn more about a subject so that you know instead of simply believe?

Question your values! Why be scared when you can work to be brave? Why overindulge when you can practice self control? Why nurture anger, when you can have peace of mind?  Why be superficial when you can be profound? Why not work to be thoughtful and patient of others and less absorbed?

Question what you think is important in life! Do I need a fancier version of something I already have? Do I ignore, treat poorly or put off the people who mean the most to me?  Do I see strangers and ignore them or treat them with fairness and compassion? Am I working toward wisdom or simply wasting time chasing things of no consequence?

Examine Yourself! Organize your Mind!

We can work on these things here!


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